Pureit Classic Germ Kill Kit 3000 ltr (পিউরইট জীবাণু ধ্বংস কারী সেট ৩০০০ লি)

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Brand: Unilever
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Pureit Classic Germ Kill Kit 3000 ltr  (পিউরইট জীবাণু ধ্বংস কারী সেট ৩০০০ লি)

Pureit is a revolutionary innovation by Unilever to provide solution to the need of safe drinking water. It is world’s one of the most advanced in-home water purifier and first of its kind. Infact, it is world’s largest selling water purifier. Pureit uses advanced “4-Step GermKill Technology” to purify water. First, water passes through micro fiber mesh, which removes visible dirt and other material in the water. Second, it passes through the activated carbon trap, which stops all harmful parasites and other objects not visible to naked eye. At the third step, it passes through the germ kill processor that kills all the harmful virus and bacteria. Finally, the water passes through the polisher that removes any chlorine in the water and other unwanted taste or odor causing elements.

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  • Classic Germkill Kit
  • Capacity: 3000L
  • Activated Carbon Trap (ACT) – 1 unit
  • Activated Carbon Trap (ACT) – 1 unit
  • Germ Kill Processor (GKP) – 1 unit

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