Olympic Dry Cake Biscuit 350 gm (অলিম্পিক শুকনো কেক বিস্কিট ৩৫০ গ্রাম)

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Brand: Olympic
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Olympic Industries Limited was founded in June 1979 as Bengal Carbide Limited, a battery manufacturer. As we gained the trust of our consumers and witnessed changes in the battery industry, we decided to diversify into products that could be a part of our consumers’ daily lives. We saw significant opportunities in the biscuit and confectionery industries and imported our first lines in 1996. Today, we are the largest manufacturer of biscuits in Bangladesh and biscuits and confectionery products represent 95%+ of our annual revenue.
Over the last 30 years, Olympic has grown to be the one largest manufacturers, distributors and marketers of fast moving consumer goods in Bangladesh. What makes Olympic so popular is the quality of our products. We understand that customers have high expectations, and that their loyalty depends on it. As the market leader in the biscuits industry, we have only been able to achieve what we have by staying true to our core values and by focusing on the consumer.

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  • Product Type: Biscuits
  • Brand: Olympic
  • Size: 350gm
  • Premium Quality
  • Product of Bangladesh

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