Sunsilk Conditioner Perfect Straight 80 ml সানসিল্ক কন্ডিশনার পারফেক্ট স্ট্রেইট ৮০ মিলি.

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Sunsilk Conditioner Perfect Straight  সানসিল্ক কন্ডিশনার পারফেক্ট স্ট্রেইট ৮০ মিলি.

Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo, for lively, Straight hair that moves with you! There is a magic moment between wet & dry hair when your hair looks perfectly straight and beautifully aligned. Sunsilk Perfect Straight Conditioner is co-created with Yuko Yamashita, straight expert from Tokyo, Yuko has been a collaborator in producing breakthrough technology in hair care with Sunsilk and continues to give her inside scoop on how to achieve perfect straight hair, starting in the shower. Hairtends to frizz and lose its straightness as it dries. An exclusive formula bringing life to straight hair. With silk protein, gently locks in the alignment of hair strands keeping them straighter & fully aligned as they dry. Hair So vibrant, silky and full of movement. For best results use after shampooing with Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo.Start Shopping Now!

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  • The shampoo for straight hair every day
  • Its Straight-Lock technology actively control and hair strands perfectly aligned as it dries
  • Experience straight hair that is shiny, smooth and gorgeous, right from the shower
  • Penetrates deep within the hair fibre, reducing frizz and keeping them fully aligned as they dry
  • Manufactured in Bangladesh

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